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Our Mission

In our practice it is our goal to provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where you and your family can feel at ease during your dental visits.

It is our mission to educate you in every aspect of your treatment and overall health.

We believe that good communication between yourself and our staff is the key to your ultimate satisfaction in the dental treatment you receive.

At Westoak Dental Centre, we strongly believe that each individual’s case is unique and therefore receive unique individualized-treatment

Giving you and your family a reason to smile!

We strive to discover the uniqueness of each patient. We listen to your needs and use an intra-oral camera, computer animation and digitized x-rays to determine the best treatment plan with you. For your comfort, we create an atmosphere that promotes relaxation, and offer extra soft Belmont™ Chairs and DVD/TV entertainment during treatment.

For additional relaxation, sedation with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available. We want you to have a pleasant experience at Westoak Dental Centre where your smile is our mission

We practise conservative dentistry

We would like to mention that all dentists at Westoak Dental Centre practise conservative dentistry. What that means is that we absolutely do not do drill and fill unless it is essentially necessary. We will talk to you in detail and discuss all your options before finalizing a treatment plan which would be feasible to you both practically and financially.

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Our Dentists

We Are Dentists Who Truly Care About Our Patients

Dr. Dhafira Majed.

Dr. Dhafira Majed  is a graduate of the prestigious School of Dentistry, at the University of Toronto. She has more than 30 years of clinical experience and before arriving in Canada she obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Surgery, a Master of Science Degree (MSC) in Maxillofacial Surgery, and a PhD in Oral Medicine from the University of Baghdad. (University of Baghdad is the second largest university in the Middle East.)
She brings a wealth of experience from the- East to the West- and have clients in many parts of the world who admire her skills and her dedication to patient care.

Dhafira is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry and also a member of the Ontario Dental Association, in addition to being a member of the Toronto Crowns & Bridges Society. She keeps herself informed of all the latest dental treatment and technologies in order to deliver world class service to her clientele.
She enjoys painting and gardening in her free time.


Dr. M. AL. Sayyab.
DDS (Family & Cosmetic Dentist)

Dr. M. Al Sayyab is a graduate of the renowned Dalhousie University and he has more than thirty years of clinical experience. He has helped many patients achieve the “Smile of their dreams.” As a family dentist he cares deeply for the dental needs of the East York Community and has patients travelling from other part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) seeking for his expert advice and unmatchable service.
He also serves as an instructor at the ‘University of Toronto’ encouraging young students to be the best at what they do. He believes in offering the best possible service to all his patients and therefore he maintains a state-of-the- art dental facility at 62 Overlea Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario in close proximity to the famous ’Ontario Science Centre’ at Don Mills.
Dr. Al Sayyab obtained a Master of Science and PhD in preventive dentistry from the University of Baghdad and taught for a number of years in Baghdad University and in Ajman University / U.A.E, before making Canada his permanent home.

Dr. Mohammed is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry and also a member of the Ontario Dental Association and a member of the Halton-Peel dental association. He keeps himself informed of the latest innovations in dental treatment and technology that can enhance your smile. In 2013, he completed a one year implant residency at the University of Toronto.
In his spare time Dr. Al Sayyab enjoys playing his favorite sport Tennis in addition to spending quality time with his loving family.